2 responses to “Our Staff

  1. Dear Rabbi Goodman. Hope u read before. Shabbos. 11 cheshvan. Oct. 24 …………..
    ,greetings,as we gathered ele ctronically for Jeff ovm. 15 th yahrzeit,we thought of you.His yagrzeit is on Shabbos. Oct 2
    Lech lecha.we moved and mist of hid friends are in israel now, instead of our usual. chinese. food. and Jeff talk,we conference called twice yesterday
    amazing fulfilling experience
    Jeff obm lives….!
    our daughters are great. one in la and one in nyc
    we are wirh Hashem help be first time grandparents in please Hashem,december.
    Wishing you continued success .much thanks for tyour conplete ,and dedicated service to the students..we think of you…sorry for typos
    Best regards Good Shabbos m/ m. baran.

  2. Rabbi Goodman
    Jon Silversteins mom ‘s shiva is this week Sept 26
    In englewood.nj.. Jon was friendly with Ami Foger and many others including our dear son Jeff obm, Yosef ari ben meir.yahrzeit cheshvan 5761.all attended rutgers
    You helped them and us so much.be well helen baran.

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