Rabbi Yosef Carlebach

Rabbi Yosef Carlebach is Shliach of the Rebbe in Central NJ with 10 Chabad Houses, the Executive Director and founding rabbi at Rutgers Chabad House, chaplain of the NJ State Police, NJ Transit Police, St. Peters Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center; and most importantly, father of 13 loving chi550ldren and numerous grandchildren (BA”H).

No stranger to daunting tasks, from a young age the Rebbe selected him and twelve other students in 1975 to be the first Rebbe’s messengers in Jerusalem, Israel for two years.  Later he returned to the United States to study and in 1978, was ordained a Rabbi from Central Lubavitch Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY. That year he also married his wife, Rivka Blizinsky; ten days later, they started working at Rutgers University with the Rebbe’s blessing.  Since coming to Rutgers almost forty years ago, they moved Chabad from a rented room in the Rutgers Student Center to the mammoth building on College Ave.

In 1984 Rabbi Yosef was chosen to be the spiritual leader of Congregation Sons of Israel in Ocean Township, where he residew today. Rabbi Carlebach has also been a guest lecturer throughout New Jersey in different universities, law enforcement agencies and hospitals and state institutions. Wherever he is, Rabbi Carlebach invokes the Rebbe and is known for his selfless dedication and total devotion to the needs of the greater Jewish Community in N.J.


One response to “Rabbi Yosef Carlebach

  1. Rabbi Yosef Carlebsch : May I wish you a speedy recovery ASAP. Just found out you were ill from Rabbi Shapiro. Looking forward to bringing you Pickles when everything is back to normal. A Pickle A Day Keeps The Doctor Away ! Stay safe ! Steve. Leibowitz

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