Rabbi Baruch & Sarah Goodman

Rabbi Baruch Goodman

Rabbi Goodman is the heart of the Chabad House. He has encouraged thousands of students to believe in themselves, each other, and in Judaism. He, along with his wife and growing family, spend every Shabbat and Jewish holiday on campus, at Rutgers Chabad. Before working at Rutgers Chabad, Rabbi Goodman


graduated CUNY Queens College with a degree in BioChemistry and a minor in Journalism. He worked as a biochemist for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Research Center and Johnson & Johnson’s OrthoDiagnostics, and a senior immunologist for Photest Diagnostics. Prior to these professional occupations, he was also an short-order cook, emergency-room attendant, x-ray technician, nurse practitioner, and scientific journal editor.  He graduated from Rabbinical College of America in Morristown, NJ over the course of eight years, and in 1988 switched from being a researcher to the Campus Rabbi of Rutgers University. He works around the clock to help students and helped build Rutgers to become THE college campus most Jewish students in the United States choose, according to a 2015 collegiate poll. “We’re here to inspire, entertain, educate and empower our students to be active members and leaders of the exciting and growing Jewish student community at Rutgers!”

Rebebtzin Sarah Goodman

Sarah Goodman teaches engaging and fascinating Jewish discovery classes, as well as hands-on Challah baking at Rutgers Chabad. She, her husband, and many of her 13 children and growing number of grandchildren, sleep in Rutgers Chabad every Shabbat and Yom Tov. She attended SUNY Buffalo, as well as Trenton State College (now, The College of New Jersey) where she studied Special Education and majored in Art Therapy, and trained for campus outreach work at Bais Chana and Machon Chana Women’s Seminaries. She loves every Jew on campus and is always there to listen and share her warm wisdom and inspiring stories.

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