Rabbi Mendy Carlebach

292Rabbi Mendy Carlebach is the administrator at Rutgers Chabad. Additionally, he is the Director of Chabad of North and South Brunswick, Chaplain of the Port Authority of NY & NJ Police Dept., Chaplain of South Brunswick Police Dept., Jewish Chaplain to MCC – Federal Bureau of Prisons NY, NY, and member of NJ Homeland Security Interfaith Advisory Council: Member of NJ – Israel Commission.

Previously he served in Rabbinic positions in Sydney, Australia, Tokyo, Japan and Koyota, Japan.  He was a chaplain for the Sydney Olympic games and led the English Passover services on the US Air Force base in Yokota. He studied in Oholei Torah in Brooklyn, NY, Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim in Brunoy, France, Yeshiva Lubacitch in Bnei Brak, Israel, Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim in Montreal, Canada, and Shlichus and Smicha in Rabbinical College of Sydney, Australia. Currently he lives with his wife and four children (BA”H) in South Brunswick, NJ.


3 responses to “Rabbi Mendy Carlebach

    • The Rabbi’s name is Mendy Carlebach. He can be reached at our office at (732) 296-1800 ext 102. Thank you.

  1. Dear Rabbi Carlibach.
    My Son Rabbi Shmuel Hackner is a Chabad Shaliach in London. A few months ago you had Chazen Shai Abramson as your guest. Shai is a good friend. He has had many events with Chabad houses over the years , even during lockdown by Zoom. His Father’s side of the family have Chabad connections . He Grandgather his Mothers Father was the Chief Rabbi of Argentina. I was thinking whether it would be possible for the various Chabad houses could put his name forward as the quest singer for the Shaliachim conference on Rosh Chodesh Kislev . I know he would love to take part , expecially as he is well known to many Chabsd houses. He has the most beautiful Tenor voice, he puts on Cantorial concerts, Guest Chazen for Shabbos , Weddings etc. Has a lovely friendly way with him, is very much liked by everybody. I know Rabbi Kotlasky is in charge of arranging Speakers and Singers. I will write to him, I hope you didn’t mind me asking for your help, I thought if all the Rabbonim from the various Chabad house , could put in a word fir him, with Rabbi Kanofsky, who probably does know him .I can send him various videos of his to hear his voice.
    Many thanks kol Tov

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