JCafe is back for Spring 2022!

Yesterday, we had an AMAZING Open House JCafe here at Rutgers Chabad !! Those who came enjoyed a delicious spread of food including falafel, poppers, pasta, mini hot dogs and egg rolls, fruit, desserts, and more! “I really enjoyed seeing all of the students together in one place after so long!”, said Sophomore Eitan Spiewak. There was a festive game of ‘mummy wrapping’ where five teams went head to head to wrap their friends with toilet paper as fast as possible, with the top three teams winning prizes! “There is no better way to come back to campus than to be a part of something like this”, said Sophomore Mikey Finkelstein. The festive atmosphere, including colorful lights and great music, made for an awesome event! This was an amazing kick-off for the semester and we can’t wait to continue with JCafe every week! Come on by every Tuesday at 9pm! #RutgersChabad #jcafetuesday #rujewishlife

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