Sushi & Soul Wednesday – 12/12/18


On Wednesday, December 12, we had a wonderful Sushi and Soul to start off the finals season! In the midst of studying for finals, our souls were infused with Torah! In honor of Noam Steinerman‘s birthday, his mother surprised him by sponsoring the event and providing a delicious birthday cake!!! Noah started off by sharing a beautiful dvar torah about how Yosef always remained upbeat and looked at the positive in life. We also heard a meaningful dvar torah from Irving Hanan, who is enlisted in the IDF. He shared an idea about the importance of staying together as a community and always having a mentor to turn to. We wished farewell to Irving and will miss him greatly! Thank you to Noam and the entire Steinerman family, Irving Hanan, Rabbi Shaya Shagalow, and everyone who came to join Sushi and Soul this week!! Check out these pictures! #RutgersChabad #RUJewishLife #RUSushiandSoul


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