Sushi and Soul Wednesday – 11/28/18

Did you hear about Sushi and Soul: Kislev Edition!?!?! This past Wednesday, November 28, Tani Siegelman opened up the evening and shared a beautiful idea about expressing ourselves through the Chanukah menorah; by discovering what is unique about ourselves and reflecting that to others. Rabbi Shaya continued with a shiur about the true essence of Yaakov, Eisav, Rachel and Leah. He imparted an inspiring take-away message about importance bringing out our inner strengths and looking deep inside the soul of every person to find beauty and to allow every person to blossom and reach their highest potential. Thank you to Rabbi Shaya, Tani and everyone who joined us for Sushi and Soul this week! Check out these pictures! Next week there will be a special combined Sushi and Soul AND Chanukah Party at Rabbi Shaya’s House!!! #RutgersChabad #RUJewishLife #SushiandSoul

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