Waffle Night at Chabad Dorm!

This past Sunday night, the residents of the Chabad dorm had an awesome activity! They enjoyed homemade WAFFLES and exciting “SPEED DATING” to get to know other residents!! It was an amazing bonding experience and mid-semester de-stresser for everyone involved! Yosef Serkez, one of our RA’s, said that “It was amazing to watch everyone take a break from their work to join together as a dorm! And besides, who doesn’t like waffles?!?!?!.” Leora Landy, freshman, said that “it was really fun because we got to make waffles and got to know people we’ve been living with.” A HUGE thank you to our wonderful RA’s Esther EsquenaziMicah Lebowitz, and Yosef for planning and running this fun event!! #RutgersChabad #RUJewishLife

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